Conferences in Sri Lanka with NKAR MICE

Nkar MICE which is considered to be amongst the best event planners Sri Lanka has to offer, will provide you with ample facilities for you to successfully host your conferences in Sri Lanka.

Management of Meetings and Conferences.
  • Site Selection
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Meetings / Conferences Management
  • Outside Catering Management
  • Pre / Post Conference Tours
  • Spouses Programmes
Nkar’s Pre-Planning Services
  • Pre-planning and budgeting
  • Having selected the site dispatch information and photographs together with web accessibility
  • Offer alternate sites
  • Compile ground and air/sea transportation
  • Compile production cost
  • Compile destination management cost
  • Compile costs for theme parties and gala dinners including fireworks etc
  • Compile costs for team building exercises (if required)
  • Propose keynote speakers and event personalities (if required)
  • Plan for a secretariat
  • Plan for first aid services
  • Plan for ushering arrangements
  • Plan for additional security (if required)
  • Dispatch programme with production costs
  • Arrange a scouting tour that includes inspection of sites
Inspection and Preparation
  • Inspection of sites for gala dinners and dinner cruises.
  • Arrange meetings with outside catering management parties and if required arrange discussions with the service providers to improve on the layout and planning of themed parties
  • Go into details of the team building exercises
  • Arrange meeting with keynote speakers and event personalities
  • Host the scouting team for pleasant evenings. Offer short excursions to get a feel of the destination.
Nkar Promotional Support Services
  • Registration and database management
  • Preparation of teaser campaigns
  • Preparation of brochures
  • Arrange media briefings
  • Dispatch teasers and subsequently the brochures with the invitation letter from the relevant person
  • Arrange for online registration and submit regular updates to the organisers.
Nkar On-site Conference Management
  • Structuring of the secretariat
  • If outdoor branding is planned for their arrival at the hotel and the areas in and around the conference, ensure all such banners, pennants and relevant branding is in place before the arrival of the first delegate
  • If applicable ensure the interior branding together with the podium arrangements and back-drop is in place a minimum of 5-6 hours before commencement of the conference
  • Coordinate and have the floor shows to be brought to the site on time if such events are to be held during the opening ceremony
  • As per the check list the opening ceremony arrangements to be in place that include the welcome arrangements, lighting, floral and other décor.
  • If any recorded music such as national anthems etc are required, this is to be pre-checked and have them in place. Subtle and soft branding to be in place if required.
  • All presentations and audio visual arrangements at the opening ceremony of the conference to be pre-checked. A backup system should be ready in case of an electronic failure.
  • Photography and filming arrangements to be made according to the requirements.
  • Pre-check all press kits and conference kits and have them in place
  • If required arrange for audio recording
  • Manage the media accordingly throughout the conference
Destination Management
  • In case of usage of more than one hotel for breakout meetings, exhibitions, events, hosted lunches/dinners or for accommodation, arrange all regular shuttle services with notice boards in place at convenient points
  • Arrange all spouse programmes and excursions and post conference tours either from one travel desk or have them coordinated from dedicated travel desks throughout every hotel as per the requirements.
  • If there is a requirement for any outside catering for a lunch, or dinner or cocktail on a particular site, have them all in place making sure that all the outdoor arrangements are done with back up arrangements and arrange for shuttle services to and from the event.
  • All VIP transportation as per the check list have a dedicated limousines allotted with a liaison officer.
Themed Parties or Gala Dinners / Dinner Cruises
  • Arrange a themed party, gala dinner or dinner cruise as the case may be as per the schedule and arrange for the precise shuttle service buses as well as VIP transportation to and from the site. In case of dinner cruises arrange for the required entry permits etc at the Port
  • Liaise with the selected keynote speakers and event personalities and moderators to have them transported to the required site in time for the event
  • All upgrades of VIPs to suites, executive floors, deluxe rooms etc.. to be done as per the instructions received from the organising committee. To arrange as per the arrangements for early check in and late check out at the hotel. Scheduling a run through a day before with the chef of the relevant hotel or the outside catering company or the dinner cruise company to provide special meal arrangements if applicable as per the requests
  • Provide for discounted shopping opportunities and arrange for discounted vouchers from high end shopping malls
  • Arrange to place pillow gifts on the required date
  • If necessary a copy of the group photograph to be placed in the room during the conference period
  • In consensus with the organising committee provide branding for sponsors in appropriate areas and arrange workshops if necessary with the branding sponsors
Nkar Transport Services
  • Be attentive and allocate VIP dedicated limousines, micro vans, mini coaches or buses according to the requirements and manage in such a manner that the delegates will remember the event as a special one.
  • Attend to escort services if necessary
Team Building Exercises
  • If team building exercises are required make sure the ambience, professionally qualified trainers and the environment is prepared for these team building exercises. Get the required audio visual equipment and the personnel to carry out the programme.
Cultural Sites
  • Site Selection
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Meetings / Conferences Management
  • Outside Catering Management

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